Calliope Mobile Manipulation Platform for Tekkotsu

Calliope5KP model with 5-dof arm, Kinect, and pan/tilt.

More information coming soon.

Calliope5SP Prototype

  • iRobot Create base
  • ASUS Eee 1001 PC netbook
  • Webcam and Robotis AX-S1 sensor module on a pan/tilt mount
  • Arm with gripper
  • Tekkotsu and Player/Stage support

Parts list and assembly instructions

RoPro Design's Calliope page

Calliope presentation at AAAI with new arm (PDF; July 2010)

Calliope quadchart for AAAI (PDF; June 2010)

Quick Start Guide for new Calliope users

Older material: Calliope presentation from ARTSI Conference (PDF; March 2010)

Calliope2SP Model

  • Sony PS3 Eye webcam and Robotis AX-S1 sensor module on a pan/tilt mount.

  • Two degree-of-freedom arm with gripper.

  • Servos are powered by the iRobot Create; no need for a separate battery.

  • Can also be ordered without the arm (CalliopeSP model).

  • Calliope2SP and CalliopeSP are Fully supported by the Tekkotsu software framework.

  • Available now from RoPro Design.

Calliope Videos

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