AAAI-11 Small-Scale Manipulation Challenge: Robot Chess

Organizers: David Touretzky (Carnegie Mellon) and Mike Stilman (Georgia Tech)

Fourteen years ago Deep Blue defeated the world chess champion. Yet, it was humans moving the pieces! Fine, dexterous manipulation in uncertain environments remains an open challenge for robotics. Motivated by this challenge we invite roboticists to face off in the 2nd Robot Chess Competition. Winning teams will be the ones that show the greatest skill at perceiving the world state, successfully manipulating chess pieces and recovering from real-world interference and uncertainty.

The AAAI-2011 Small-Scale Manipulation Challenge focuses on perception and dextrous manipulation of small, light-weight objects, so that robots of any size can compete. This year the domain will again be chess. There will be two divisions: a mobile manipulation division for robots that can navigate on a tabletop, and an unlimited division for fixed-base arms and human-scale mobile platforms.

For basic info, read the AAAI 2011 Robotics Challenge Events announcement.

Rules will be similar to last year (see below). The precise rules will be negotiated among the registered participants.

Letters of intent are now due by April 15, 2011 (the deadline has been extended). Qualification materials are due by April 26.

To submit a letter of intent visit the AAAI 2011 Robotics Program EasyChair page.

Last Year:
AAAI-10 Small-Scale Manipulation Challenge: Robot Chess

Date/Location: July 13-14, 2010, at AAAI in Atlanta
Organizers: David Touretzky (Carnegie Mellon) and Monica Anderson (University of Alabama)

The Competitors

Carnegie Mellon University
Tekkotsu Lab: Chiara robot
Georgia Tech
"Golem Chesster": Schunk arm
Intel/University of Washington
Custom built "Gambit" arm
University of Alabama
iRobot Create, Lynxmotion AL5D arm,
Zii EGG computer


AAAI Chess Montage by Brian Mayton:

More Videos:

2010 Rules:

Board Setup: Robot criteria: Playing criteria: Scoring (Tentative)

Winner of this level has the highest score. Scoring criteria include:

Extra points are awarded for the following features: Game states: Error recovery: Verbal Commentary:
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