iRobot Create/ASUS Notebook Platform for Tekkotsu

Available fully configured from -- or build your own from our plans for $600!

Create/ASUS assembly instructions

Create/ASUS Quick Start

Create/ASUS Troubleshooting Guide

The Tekkotsu software framework

Create/ASUS install instructions

Manuals from iRobot: Create User's Manual and Open Interface Specifications

System parts list

Drawings for mounting bracket (PDF file), or purchase from RoPro Design

Solidworks model for mounting bracket

Player/Stage on the ASUS Eee PC (from Brown University)

Looking for a robot with a pan/tilt and an arm with gripper? Check out Calliope.

2009 Tapia Robotics Competition

Sample Code and Demo Programs for Contestants Using Tekkotsu

A simple state machine that drives the Create around and responds to bump sensors or the detection of a pink object.
Source code: TapiaWander.h.fsm

Random behavior can be useful for getting robots unstuck if they're in a corner and can't get out. This file demonstrates two ways to get random behavior: using random state transitions, or using the random number generator to generate random parameters for a walk motion.
Source code: Randomness.h.fsm

A behavior written by Alex Grubb that looks for Tapia-style markers in a camera image.
Demo code: LookForTapiaMarkers.h, sample image tapia-raw1.jpg
Tapia markers: TapiaMarkerData.h and

A behavior that finds a visible marker, calculates its bearing and distance, and then moves the robot to the marker.
Source code: WalkToMarker.h.fsm

A behavior that looks for tri-color markers.
Demo code: LookForTapia3Markers.h, sample image tapia-3color.jpg
Tapia markers: Tapia3MarkerData.h and

Example of LookForTapiaMarkers:

Image seen by the camera

SketchGUI display

Detected markers

Local map showing marker locations; robot is at bottom center
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