iRobot Create/ASUS Notebook Combo: Assembly Instructions

Remove the Create from its box:

Now you must insert the optional fourth wheel in this slot:

Here is how things look with the wheel inserted:

Insert two 5/8 inch 6-32 screws (the longer ones) in the backstop:

Attach the backstop to the base plate using two 6-32 nuts:

Backstop oriented properly on the base plate:

Attach the base plate to the Create with four 1/2 inch 6-32 screws:

Remove the access door to the serial port jacl:

Plug in the Create's serial cable. Attach the other end of the serial cable to the serial-to-USB converter cable.

Stuff the cables into the cargo bay area.

The newer model plate rests on four 1.5" plastic dowels:

Plug the serial-to-USB converter cable into the notebook's USB port.

The finished robot:

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Dave Touretzky
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